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The Blue Dolphin Essences represent the frequency of The Red Ray of Unconditional Love.  The combined frequencies of the The Twenty Rays of Christ Consciousness, represented by the Home Temple Essences 
create The Red Ray.
The messages below from various loving, heart centered beings all endorse the healing systems introduced on this site which all emphasize use of The Red Ray and The Twenty Rays of Christ Consciousness

The Humpback Whale and
The Red Ray of Unconditional Love
Copyright  2008   Trish Regan and Doug Hackett


Endorsements & Messages
from Ascended Masters
& Avatars

on The Blue Dolphin Essences   

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The following lectures were originally written for those interested in the course called .The Blue Dolphin Essences, A Course in Loving Yourself as You Love Another  If you are interested in The Essences for the Home Temple these lectures should still be meaningful to you. All Blue Dolphin Essences are inspired by the same avatars and masters. 

These messages were volunteered by several masters and avatars who are involved in the development of this spiritual growth program.   You will resonate with and learn from some information more than others. Information is repeated.  Why? So You'll get it!  True knowledge of this program comes however, not through the mind, but through the heart  as you experience the use of the essences and their accompanying activations.  

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