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Kathryn Jensen M.Ed.

I am a conscious light worker.  I am a learning style expert.  I have a background in special 
education and counseling.  I have been a certified practitioner of Educational Kinesiology since 1987.  

I have a private practice working with children with ADD, learning disabilities and 
emotional and behavioral challenges.  Many of my clients are also, at this time, labeled
as indigo children, crystal children, new kids or psychic children.

My private practice includes work with adults committed to very in-depth spiritual and personal development.  I teach adult clients, and others who are interested, courses in 
healing fear based patterns.

When I began my training in Educational Kinesiology my life changed course dramatically. On a regular basis I practiced  my newly acquired skills. Much to my surprise, this led to intense, accelerated spiritual awakening.

I began to communicate telepathically with light filled beings known as Ascended Masters.  I also began to receive powerful communications, in the form of visions, from dolphins and whales. 

  About seven years ago my young clients began to experience dolphin visions as did my adult clients.  This was a startling development.  I began to do research on this phenomenon.  I found that there were other energy healers in the world who had similar experiences as they provided hands on energy healing to clients.  I also contacted scholars, biologists and others who were experiencing their own telepathic communications with cetaceans. 

  Shortly after my clients began having their visionary experiences with dolphins I heard a scholarly lecture on The Legend of the Golden Dolphin.  The Legend addresses the past, present and future relationship between cetaceans and humans.  Ancient myths and legends refer to the complex bond between dolphins, whales and human beings.  In the here and now, people like myself, have been summoned to rekindle this ancient bond. 

  After attending this lecture on The Legend I began to channel and record a fascinating book for children. What emerged was a childrenís version of The Golden Dolphin Legend.  The contents of the book kept changing as I experienced deeper levels of personal and spiritual growth. 

 Splash! is now  published and available!!

  I began developing a healing system based on light filled lessons I received from the Ascended Masters and my mentor and teacher, Avatar Sathya Sai Baba, who currently resides in India. The healing system provides one with a special, practical way to release and transform fear encountered in daily life. This is a healing system modeled on the healing methods dolphins use with their pod members. 

  I began using these healing methods with clients.  I developed courses to teach others to use the methods in their daily lives.  Iíve been field testing these methods for the past five years.  I have found that use of these methods in my daily life makes everything flow with impressive ease.  

    I currently live in Colorado.  I thrive on the beauty and solitude of the Colorado wilderness. I also live part time on The Big Island of Hawaii.  When Iím in Hawaii, I swim almost daily with the local pods of dolphins.   I swim and surround myself and the dolphins with the healing rays of love-light. These are the healing energies the Essences for the Home Temple and the Blue Dolphin Essences represent. The dolphins very obviously enjoy being bathed in these light filled frequencies and joyfully return the favor. Most importantly the dolphins have responded by telepathically and energetically leading me even more deeply into lessons on how to use the rays of love-light in my life. 

  The help I continue to receive from my spiritual teachers is leading me towards becoming a full time author and facilitator of seminars on spiritual growth and healing.  The emphasis of my work is ultimately to spark the connection between cetaceans and humans so we may co-create world peace.  

Dolphins and whales continuously mentor me and support me in developing the healing methods shared on this website  They know that healing our hearts is the only way to create inner peace.  The cetaceans  recognize that only people who are at peace with themselves can create peace on Earth and effective stewardship of the environment.  

For more on my education and professional experience:   see my Resume

You can contact me at

or @ 303 590 4165    

or by writing to:

Kathryn Jensen
266 County Road 60005
Granby Colorado 80446