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The Humpback Whale and
The Red Ray of Unconditional Love
Copyright  2008   Trish Regan and Doug Hackett

The Red Ray of Unconditional Love is activated in your hearts as you lead yourself through 
The Blue Dolphin Essence Course. 

 The amazing photo was taken by my friends Trish and Doug as they swam (legally) with humpbacks in Tonga.  All dolphins and whales transmit the frequency of The Red Ray and it's extraordinary to receive confirmation in the form of such a magnificent photograph.

Introduction to The Blue Dolphin Essence Course

For in depth information see  Facts about Blue Dolphin Essences and Product Endorsements as well as information about The Blue Dolphin Essence Kit.

The Blue Dolphin Essences, A Course in Loving Yourself as You Love Another. 

This is a course of great significance to those of you who know the importance of becoming spiritually realized. 

 Those of you who will benefit from this course have already lived the life of the spiritual seeker.  You have taken time to look at your life and take steps to change according to the guidance you have learned to trust.  

You are the few who feel like giving your life to the process of following divine law.  There is one divine law.  The law says to Love One Another.  You are the few who say: "I realize what my life's purpose is.  I do my best to follow my life's purpose.  My life's purpose is to be the Christ in my daily activities."

This Blue Dolphin Essence Course will take you through what is called the Fourth Initiation.  The Fourth Initiation brings you into alignment with the gift of the presence.  The presence is the still, small voice in your heart that says "I am God."

The presence talks to you as you live your life.  It is the presence of the love you have for yourself.  This love for yourself develops as you use the Blue Dolphin Essences.  This is the consciousness  you connect to as you use these course materials.  .  

You begin to feel what it is to love yourself.  You learn that unconditional love for yourself sets you up to perceive life differently.  You learn to take care of yourself and live as if you were your own best friend.  

This course trains you to be an icon in your circle of friends, family and acquaintances. People will say "What is that person doing? I want to be like that person." People may not be able to identify what draws them to you.  

People who love themselves are strong, independent people who realize that if they don't love themselves they don't have the knowledge to love another.  These are the true leaders on planet earth.  These people have the have the knowledge, the wisdom and the vitality to be of service to others.  

The course is presented by Ascended Master Jesus and Avatar Sathya Sai  Baba from India. Jesus and Sai Baba both believe that there is only one path to spiritual attainment. It is a path of learning to unconditionally love yourself which provides you with the foundation for unconditionally loving others. 

This process of learning about love increases the frequency of the human heart. It lays the foundation for all spiritual growth, including ascension and the development of the light body and the merkaba vehicle.

The instruction of Jesus and Sai Baba and all of earth's love based spiritual traditions came from a place called Sirius B. Early man learned about love from dolphins who came from Sirius to instruct them. Some of these dolphins became humans and developed the love based culture of early Lemuria. 

The Blue Dolphin Essences and their instruction were developed in Lemuria. The dolphin Essences introduce you to dolphin and whale avatars from Sirius B, who instruct you in and activate you for loving yourself as you love another.

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For in depth information see  Facts about Blue Dolphin Essences and Product Endorsements    as well as information about The Blue Dolphin Essence Kit.

If after reading this introduction to the course you feel like it's too advanced for you or for some other reason feels too complex to use see the the Introduction to The Essences for the Home Temple. The Essences for the Home Temple facilitate transformation very gently and are easy to use.  


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