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Avatar Sathya Sai Baba, an Indian avatar, has given me the following message for visitors to this website.

I, Sai Baba, personally endorse all courses, products and other transmissions presented on this website. There are many systems of consciousness raising building up force in what is now called The New Age Marketplace. The New Age Marketplace, just like any other, has good products and presentations and not so good products and presentations. The material on this site reinforces Baba's conviction that all that matters is giving and receiving love. Baba also loves the person who is presenting the material to you on this site. She has been his disciple for many lifetimes. She knows very definitely what Baba means when he says "There is only one religion, the religion of love." 

Go to  to learn more about Sai Baba. 


Explore information about the Freeze Framer.  This is a biofeedback method I mention under Data.  

I use this method to verify that the essences and the ray energies affect the heart, the brain and the nervous system in significantly positive ways.  


Relevant links for parents of Indigo Children and all spiritually sensitive, special children.

I personally endorse these sites.  They are rich with resources to support you in raising and understanding your children:  


Links to information about the dolphin-human relationship

 The websites provide you with references to books, articles and other resources to deepen your knowledge about dolphin-human relationship: This is the site of International Dolphin Watch established by Horace Dobbs.  Hes written many books on the topic of the dolphin-human relationship Read Scientist, Dr. Michael Hyson's paper on dolphin assisted therapy and the healing abilities of dolphins.

Explore this site further to learn more about the Sirius Institute   


Links to environmental groups

The dolphins emphatically request that we become heart-centered environmental activists.

National Resource Defense Council 

Organic Consumers Association


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