Information about the Home Temple Essences
 The Blue Dolphin Essences

Home Temple Essences
The Peacekeepers

The essences are profoundly helpful to children, animals, the elderly
*The essences help anyone needing support in healing anxiety and fear. 
Energy healers and body workers use these essences in powerful, uplifting ways
The essences can be placed in a room to provide a calming environment.
*There are twenty essences.  Each bottle is activated with one of Twenty Rays of Christ Consciousness
*Coat of Many Colors  is a dolphin inspired seminar in self healing.  
Students learn to use The Rays in basic and in depth ways. 

Home Temple Essences


The Blue Dolphin Essences  
A Course in Loving Yourself As You Love Another

This course is for people who are experienced in the art of
 personal and spiritual transformation.  
This is a  ten step, self guided course, using ten powerful 
essences to open the heart

Introduction  to The Blue Dolphin Essences  
  Facts about The Blue Dolphin Essence Course   
  Blue Dolphin Essence Kit


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