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These are facts about The Blue Dolphin Essences - A course in Loving Yourself as You Love Another

* The essences  are blessed, potentized, distilled water.  Each essence is activated with a very specific frequency that serves a very specific purpose in your personal transformation. 

* The essence kit  contains  ten essences, that along with accompanying lectures and activations, activate the heart and the human field in very specific ways.  The essences are blessed and activated by Jesus, Sai Baba and dolphins. 

* The essences are contained in one ounce bottles. 
 The essences have healing qualities that affect the heart chakra in very powerful ways.  You use  a drop of essence to activate highly charged communication between your heart and your soul.  As you proceed through this course you become more and more capable of activating these high frequencies without the assistance of the essences.  You are provided with more than enough essence to last you for a life time.  

* The essences contain no essential oils, gem elixers etc.  

* This course will appeal the most to people who know that love lays the foundation for true healing and spiritual development.  

* Former Lemurians, with your resonance with dolphins, and your interest in the arts, movement and healing, will love this program and how it is structured. Many of you have a difficult time with life in a world that doesn't quite resonate with you energetically.  This program is developed as a support for you in creating a world  in which loving one another is the foundation for all human endeavor.

* This course is comprehensive, well organized, flexible and self paced.

      * The essences activate a person for ascension. Ascended people are wise, spiritually developed people who live on Earth with the intention to love themselves and others unconditionally.  This activation is achieved by instructing and activating a person for loving themselves as they love another. After this foundation is laid, a person is ready to move into more advanced activation of the light body.  In the context of this course the light body develops as the soul becomes activated and more fully developed.  This happens as people heal the fear, or sabotaging patterns that prevent them from living in a state of inner peace.  

     * You pace yourself through this program and you could take, for example, three months to three years or longer to assimilate and master the lessons and activations. 

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* For  in depth information see the section on the Blue Dolphin Essence Kit and  Product Endorsements 

      Be sure to learn about the Essences for the Home Temple They are useful to people who are at the beginning stages of spiritual exploration and they are very useful to those of you who have reached a level where you will benefit from the Blue Dolphin Essence Course.  The Essences for the Home Temple are very appropriate for use with children.  

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