Enjoy the four messages and activations below, gifted to you by the dolphins and the whales, who desire to co-create peace on Earth with all humans everywhere.

The Humpback Whale and
The Red Ray of Unconditional Love
Copyright  2008   Trish Regan and Doug Hackett

The Humpback Whales Celebrate Obama's Inauguration

On inauguration day 2009 there was a community blessing held at the waters edge in my Hawaii community.  The ceremony was led by Aka, a wonderful Hawaiian shaman.  She has an extraordinary bond with dolphins, whales and other creatures of the sea.  See the youtube videos of the event.  Click on the links below and view the videos, then read The humpback's  message and activation that follows. com/watch? v=z9W0QNu6U- I

The Heart of the Matter
A communication from the great humpback whales who live in Hawaiian waters during the winter months

  The sensational heart awakening that took place throughout Planet Earth when the newly elected President Obama was inaugurated, flooded our Cetacean Nation with golden light filled story that’s about to unfold…..the story of the healing of our Golden Ground (Earth). 

  Our love for you is held very deeply within the Golden Ground’s concentrated web of ley lines which accumulate our heart song and serve the Golden Ground with strong currents of life force.  These currents flood the grid system, overwhelming the competing dark forces, if you also strongly pulse the grid with your great service of loving yourselves as you love another.

  The inauguration stirred the hearts of all cetaceans and we participated in the Golden Ground’s creative re-writing of her story, as did you, the heart awakened ones, who gave your full attention to this glorious flooding of Earth’s grid with the life force of the heart.

  Your commitment to starving the old paradigm, we call the paradigm of competition and greed, is starting to help our hearts serve you so much more completely.  We can for example, more deeply in-flow  the borders of strife filled nations with all of our love. 

  You’ve seen our ray of healing we call the red-pink Ray of  Unconditional Love. (photo of the humpback and the ray)  This beautiful ray encompasses the force of the heart.  But the force of the heart is truly created by several frequencies that join together to form the red-pink Ray of Unconditional Love. 

  We call one of these frequencies The Blessing.  We call on you to serve your community, in which you reside, with The Blessing.  We invite you to form a group of people you love to join you in giving The Blessing to your community.  Do so with the following intention:

  Give the forest green ray of The Blessing to friends, family and all others who reside within the boundaries of your local community.

  First in-flow The Blessing into your heart

  • Place your right hand on your heart.
  • Pulse your heart with The Blessing simply by intending to do so.
  • In-flow The Blessing to the core of your being by placing your left hand on your third chakra (solar plexus). Pulse your third chakra with the ray of The Blessing (with intention).
  • Give yourself the gift of The Blessing knowing we, the humpbacks fully participate in your heart's awakening.
  • The Blessing provides you with welcome relief from all that need not be feared. Some of you for example may fear looking at the troubles from your past actively participate in your present time reality. 
  • If you observe trouble from your past rising to the surface to give you a hello, say goodbye and serve that problem with The Blessing. 
  • Perhaps the problem from your past will talk to you and tell you “I must remain to protect you from your feelings about my existence.” 
  • Give your problem The Blessing.  Observe the choices you have created for your present. Now you can love yourself enough to participate, with more appreciation for the great service you can provide to yourself in living more consciously in present time.
  • Now you’ve filled yourselves up with The Blessing. Feel the shift in your being. 
  • Give your community The Blessing. Give The Blessing from your heart.  Send all who live in your community the forest green ray of The Blessing.

  Give this protocol to all who create your group.  Encourage each individual to create his or her own group of loved ones to lead through the same process. 

  This activation gives you one of many strategies for taking charge of your heart's desire to live here on Earth, enveloped in absolute knowing that great service can be provided by you in collaboration with the dolphins and the whales. 

  We need one another, as we co-create the story of our future.  Our future story can be one of peaceful co-existence and great love being felt by all towards themselves and others. 

Be the Peace by healing your hearts. 
We love you so,
The humpback whales of Hawaii


Be The Peace
A Love Letter from The Dolphins and Whales

  We, the Cetacean Nation (the dolphins and whales) serve the human race.  We serve with  deep reverence for the complexity of the lives of people, who bear the burden of being here on Earth, as they learn to become heart centered, powerful, conscious, light bearers. 

  The people, who make this commitment, came to Earth to pool their resources and collaborate on assisting others in healing.   They commit to personal healing and they certainly support the Earth Mother in healing her wounds, scars and deficiencies.

  All of you reading this article are light bearers who have made this commitment. 

  We, the cetaceans, are currently bathing the citizens of The United States of America in a beautiful healing force.  This force is a deep pink-red, rose colored Ray of Unconditional Love. 

  We bathe you, the light bearers, in a very specific frequency of The Red Ray.  This gives you more holding power and more conviction to make your mark on the culture of the United States . 

  You are flooding the media with remarkably vibrant ways to create sustainable sources of energy and build your infrastructure with far more care and consideration for future generations. Your intention is to provide future residents of your planet, with an Earth that’s alive and well and filled to the brim with vitality and healing force. 

  Many of you are of the generation known as The Baby Boomers.  You are competent goal setters and very talented, skilled people.  You have much to teach your very special young people who bring your heart song into their hearts and make your mission their ultimate command.  These vibrant young people take your mission and state firmly;

  We are the souls who are responsible for World Peace.
We are the souls who love others unconditionally.
We are the souls who bring grace to others lives.
We are the souls who live with Earth’s bounty and protect her from harm. 
We are the souls who say “Peace be with you,” from the bottom of our hearts, to those who love no one.

  We are grace filled citizens of the United States of America.

  The dolphins and whales  ask that you repeat the above affirmation.

·         Do so as you sit in quiet contemplation or prayer. 

·         Before you state the affirmation, ask for our assistance, as you bathe yourself in the deep red-pink, rose colored Ray of Unconditional Love.

·         Hold yourself in this Red Ray for four minutes as you state the affirmation. 

·         State the affirmation at least four times.

·         Sit in silence and notice how you begin to create solutions to challenges you have  with being the peace.  

·         Now bathe your politicians in this rose colored Ray of Unconditional Love.

·         We suggest you first bathe all politicians in The Red Ray.

·         Next focus on individual politicians.  Focus on those who share your perspective and your values.  Focus on those who do not. 

·         Now create a symbol that represents, to you, the population of The United States of America.  Bathe the entire population in The Red Ray. 

·         Complete this process, by asking for our help in following through with unconditionally loving yourself, as you do your best to be the Peace and be the Loving-Kindness you ask others to be. 

  Hold us in your hearts.
We love you so.
The Cetacean Nation
Through our friend, Kathryn Jensen

  Copyright © 2008 Kathryn Jensen

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 Be the Peace
The Next Step
Another Love Letter From the Dolphins and the Whales

This message message tends to our deep desire to heal the hearts of many of you.  You are the ones who do know how the light of the Heavens keep you company, in spite of the dark fields of terror communicating through your televisions, your radio and your internet. 

  The whales and the dolphins have always been of service to you.  The heart song of The Cetacean Nation is like no other.  Our unified heart song has no boundary because our song permeates every cell of every living thing. 

  We need your aliveness so we percolate our heart song into The Golden Ground (Earth).

The Golden Ground serves us by flooding you with our heart song.  As you love yourself more, our Golden Ground mediates your problem solving. 

  You have more compassion, more sensitivity, more commitment, and more healing capacity than anybody has ever had.  We are the ancient ones who loved you before you came to be a part of The Golden Ground’s free will zone.  We held you as you adjusted your frequencies to the Holy Spirit Gaia ( Earth).  We helped you comprehend what you would experience, when you said “I am that I am and I am making myself available to Gaia’s free will zone.” 

  So now you give back to us, all that we have given to you. 

  We know you are tending to The Golden Ground enveloped by The United States of America.  We give your our heart song as your heart song.

  So say your next affirmation only as you permeate every cell with our deep red-pink rose colored Ray of Unconditional Love.  Ponder on our heart song as represented by our humpback whale friend Domu who gave our friends Trish Regan and Doug Hackett a photograph of our heart song.

  Breathe deeply.  Focus on Domu and The Red Ray. 

  Say “I commune with my country, The United States of America.  I love her heart centered population.  I love her Golden Ground.  I do no harm to her environment.  I tend to her troubles by continuing to promote light filled energy alternatives.  I flood each one of her politicians with bright sparkling, heart centered gratitude for his or her continuing efforts to promote his or her world view.” 

  The politicians vary, don’t they, in their willingness to heal their fear and take responsibility for loving themselves as they love others.  The essence of all these blog entries can be summarized by the wisdom that says:

  Giving your full attention to your heart’s desire is the only path to personal freedom and Being The Peace.

  Love yourself as you love another.
We love you. 
The Cetacean Nation through Kathryn Jensen

© Kathryn Jensen 2008

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A Note From Kathryn Jensen

See the videos of  Naomi Wolf.  View them with objectivity and bathe yourself in the pink/red 
Ray of Unconditional Love as you do so!!!

She is the author of  'The End of America' and most recently, 'Give Me Liberty'.  She’s brilliant and committed to the pursuit of The American Dream of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.  However…she’s “Scared to death,” that the American Dream is being infiltrated by gigantic forces of evil.  

  If you’ve read the blog entries or , then you know about the importance of applying the law of attraction to your personal focus on politics and you know the dolphins and the whales support you in doing so.

  There are many concerned citizens like Naomi with very accurate consciousness to share concerning the democratic process and the consciousness that threatens to sabotage our freedom.  

  As you continue to apply the law of attraction to your focus on U.S. politics, please help people like Naomi Wolf transmute their fears.  Give these people the gift of the Red Ray and St. Germain's Violet Flame.

  Saint Germain, the mysterious one who convinced the founding fathers to sign The Declaration of Independence, 
(Google: Saint Germain-Father of the American Republic.)  has provided the following transmission as yet another inspired message.  Gratefully I present you with Saint Germain’s powerful contribution.

Be the Peace,
Kathryn Jensen

   Saint Germain, The Violet Flame and U.S. Politics

I, Saint Germain never said the great nation called the United States of America would immediately become the conscious fabled land of the free. I saw the future. I lifted the veil in the meeting room where the founding father’s gathered to sign The Declaration of Independence.  I stabilized the emotional bodies of those who gathered. I gave them the contract they were fully activating as they signed the Declaration of Independence.  

  Their contract is as follows:

We are the souls who are responsible for World Peace.
We are the souls who love others unconditionally.
We are the souls who bring grace to other’s lives.
We are the souls who live with Earth’s bounty and protect her from harm.
We are the souls who say “Peace be with you,” from the bottom of our hearts, to those who love no one.

  We are grace filled citizens of the United States of America.

The founding father’s agreed, before descension into human form, to serve the Golden Ground (Earth).  They agreed by serve by severing her ties with the gladiator’s commitment to serve their nation, through domination and competition for all that can be taken over.  

Does that remind you of the consciousness of the past administration?
 Do you sense there is a global revolution taking place? 
 Do you think perhaps the Golden Ground has her own revolution taking place?  

The dolphins and the whales embody, of course, the same contract your founding fathers embody.  If you’ve read the previous two transmissions from the Cetacean Nation, then perhaps you recognize the power of permeating every cell with The Red Ray of Unconditional Love and saying the words of that magnificent contract, repeating the words four times.

 Perhaps you now recognize the power of presenting others with the golden opportunity to receive the sensitive, God-presence of the Red Ray of Unconditional Love.  Perhaps you now sense this high vibration as the frequency needed to lift your heart chakra into the higher dimensions.  

 Many of you know that I advise you to transmute fear with the violet flame.  I remain true to my recommendation.  I recommend you participate in transmuting darkness through the use of both frequencies.  

 Review the two previous transmissions…The Love Letters from the Dolphins and the Whales.  Continue to activate yourself, your Golden Ground and your nation with The Red Ray stating the two affirmations mentioned.

  I ask that you add the following ritual to your daily routine. 

First I guide you to my violet flame that constantly floods your nation with the purest light of the heart.  
The bright shining Heart of God greets you as listen to your heart beat.

Go beneath the Earth.  Transmute The Heart of God held within Gaia’s core with the violet flame.  

Ask Gaia to flood your nation with the commitment to surrender to the Heart of God.

Ask Gaia to take you thoroughly into welcoming The Heart of God into your healing process.  

I am yours in service,
Saint Germain


Thank you Saint Germain!!

Kathryn Jensen and The Cetacean Nation


© Kathryn Jensen 2008

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