A Message from Hanna, A 12 year old student who attended Coat of Many Colors and learned about
The Twenty Rays of Love Light. 

Hanna telepathically connected with the dolphins who supported Hanna and other students in their healing, during the workshop.  She shared the messages below with the class.  Thank you Hanna!!

"We feel what only you can feel.  Only you who hear us and see us everywhere.  They love.  We love.  Together we are one.  Together we form the rainbow of peace.  We hear everything and we answer to your call.  If you need us, we will answer.  We talk.  You must listed to understand. 

Peace is found in our sanctuaries in the pods that form our lives.  Our family is what makes our happiness stay.  Save that much for you. 

Despite how much you think you know there are always things that you must find out from me.  Other people could never know. 

Complicated matters are turned around when you ask for what you need and get it.  You can get that from us, the dolphins.  Ask for help.  Ask for us. 

Another Message

Frustration is the path to not being successful.  Send a ray.  Things are not always what they appear to be.  Do not be deceived by what you don't know."

by Hanna Z., who received this message in 2006 when she was 12 years old.

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