Read about Lucy's Essence Assisted Miracle!
Lucy was introduced to The Essences for the Home Temple.  by Eliza Bergeson, an accomplished specialized kinesiologist and teacher. 

The essences activate  the frequencies of Love Light referred to in Splash 

Learning from Lucy

  My young friend Lucy came for a visit one day with her mother. This sixteen month old was depressed and listless. The myelinization of her nervous system was under developed. Her       muscle control was poor and her movements jerky and uncertain. Speech and walking were out of the question.

   Lucy hid like a baby squirrel in her mom's lap, avoiding eye contact. When I brought out my sister's Blue Dolphin Essences, she couldn't resist peeking at the shiny, cobalt blue bottles. Then with shaky hand she began to play with them— Grace, Center, Blessing…

  In an intuitive flash, it hit me that Lucy was had a message for her mom, so I said, "Lucy, do you have something you would like to tell your mom?" Encouraged by her direct, piercing glance, I asked, "Do you want to tell your mom you are whole?"

  And then something astounding happened. Lucy acknowledged my question by turning to face me. Ever so shakily, slowly, with immense effort and the fiercest determination, she stood up, arms spread wide. Her eyes shone with joy and triumph. This was the gaze of a fully conscious and capable being.

  She sank back down to a squat, and then as if to emphasize her eloquent statement, rose a second time. We were in the presence of a master.

  From that moment of truth telling, Lucy's development took off. She began to play, take an interest in things, to walk and speak. Her mother assembled an incredible team of specialists to support her forward momentum. Now, four years later Lucy is an active, happy and exceedingly bright spirit.

 ©Eliza Bergeson 2008

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